Mumsnet users share their SCARIEST tales of the unexplained

‘I heard a baby crying in the middle of the night’: People reveal their SCARIEST tales of the unexplained in hair-raising online thread

  • Mumsnet users revealed their scariest experiences that they just can’t explain 
  • One said she felt her mother stroking her hair they day after she died
  • Another said they got an anonymous voicemail that was just demonic hissing 

It is easy to be sceptical of the supernatural, however even the most pragmatic of people might be a little disturbed by these terrifying tales.

In a chilling new Mumsnet thread people have revealed the scariest and most inexplicable experiences.

Among the stories was one shared by a woman who had received an anonymous voicemail from someone making demonic hissing sounds.

Another said their young child had drawn a picture of a ghost at a family member’s house that was known to be haunted.

Another mother told how as a child she’d been woken in the night by the sound of ‘weird hymns’ being sung outside her bedroom window.  

People have been revealing the scariest and most explainable things that have ever happened to them 

The Mumsnet thread was started by one user who asked to see ‘unexplainable freaky experiences’

The thread was started by Mumsnet user HughLauriesStubble, who asked people to share their ‘unexplainable freaky experiences’.

They said that when they were 12-years-old they had stayed up until 3am with their cousin when a stranger started shining torches into their room.


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They said: ‘It was a terrifying experience, and still gives me the heebie jeebies even now.’

Hoards of other Mumsnet users responded to the thread, posting some very sinister stories.

People revealed they’d witnessed life after death, including one who said they felt their mother stroking their hair the day after she died

Many had experiences with the afterlife, including one who said they felt their mother stroking their hair the day after she died.

One said: ‘My mother died 10 years ago and the day after I was in a twilight sleep when she started stroking my hair and saying ‘Why don’t you let people know how wonderful you are?’ It was real and I was startled. 

‘Upon feeling my fear she was pulled swiftly back into ”the light.” This all happened just above my head.’

Another said: ‘After my granddad died I was waiting in a car on my own (about 7 years old) and saw his reflection sat behind me in the rear view mirror facing the same way as me. When I turned around there was no one there.’ 

Others had received spooky terrifying calls from anonymous numbers, including one who got an anonymous voicemail from someone making demonic hissing sounds

Others recalled some terrifying phone calls they’d had from unknown callers.

One said: ‘I once was half asleep, drifting off and heavily medicated when I heard my house phone ringing at 10.00pm. I dragged myself out of bed and picked it up but just heard noise in the background and hung up. 

‘I went back to bed and fell to sleep. The next day I saw I had a missed call from my house phone at 1.30am in the morning on my mobile and a voicemail and it was of someone making hissing noises and somewhat demonic sounds. But there wasn’t anybody in the house apart from me.’

Another wrote: ‘When I was about 20, I lived in a flat with my then boyfriend. He was away overseas for work and I was home alone. I had a really long hot shower (hair mask, full shave, exfoliate etc) and came out of the shower into the bedroom. 

‘My landline rang and I answered it and it was my mum.. ‘What the bloody he’ll do you think you are doing?’ Me – ‘erm. What?’ Mum – ‘answering your phone and heavy breathing and whispering down the phone?!?!’ [sic].’ 

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