Musicians Adds 167 Days To ’12 Days Of Christmas’ To Make Really Long Song

A songwriting duo from Toronto has taken the traditional 12 Days of Christmas holiday jingle and given it a bit of an upgrade to create a song they have dubbed, The 179 Days of Christmas.

According to Mental Floss, illustrator Joren Cull teamed up with his musician pal Aj Ing to pen the song which asks the question, what else could someone get for Christmas besides a few turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree? In fact, they could get a lot more.

The song, which runs just under nine hours long, introduces listeners to a whole host of other holiday goodies, including “14 Furbies”, “66 dancing earthworms”, and “112 calls from my mother.”

Of course, since the song is an homage to the original, it still includes the traditional first 12 days in its lyrics. However, once they’ve reached “12 drummers drumming,” the lyrics take on a bit of a more bizarre tone and become increasingly more and more ridiculous with each passing day. Just imagine if “The 12 Days of Christmas” was written by the creators of the television show South Park and you’ll have the right idea.

Every good song needs a music video, and so with the help of Cull’s illustration skills, he and Ing created an animated video which they uploaded to YouTube. The video, which currently has just under twenty-thousand views, is hilarious from the very beginning when a cartoon clown introduces you to what will become nearly nine hours of your life you’ll probably never get back. That is if you can even get through all nine hours of comically strange holiday lyrics, of course.

Each day is helpfully displayed on the video so you can at least keep track of where you’re at in this mega-long jingle. There’s also a little cartoon man dancing next to the numbers to keep you extra entertained as you try to keep up with the barrage of presents someone is getting for the holidays.

On the fifty-second day of Christmas, this singer’s true love gifted them with 52 Wal-Mart greeters. Not to be outdone, on the seventieth day of Christmas they upped the ante and gave their love 70 unpaid interns. By the end of the song, this person has been given a total of 971,970 presents, undoubtedly making for a pretty incredible Christmas.

In the past, there have been other creative takes on the jingle that expand hilariously on the idea of not one but twelve days of gift giving. The Canadian comedy duo of fictional brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie’s version includes the lyrics “two turtlenecks” and “four pounds of back bacon” in true Canadian fashion. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy also released his own version which he loving titled, “The Redneck 12 Days of Christmas.” However, Ing and Cull’s song is the first parody to ever give us over 100 days of gifts.

Despite its incredible length, The 179 Days of Christmas isn’t actually the longest song that’s even been released. That title is currently being held by the more than 13 hour-long electronic epic, The Rise and Fall of Bassanova, that was released in 2016. However,  it is the longest Christmas song that has ever graced the public’s ears, so that should certainly count for something.

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