My boyfriend is seeing another woman and even takes our young daughter with him | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend said he needed some space and moved out.

We are still having sex but I found out he’s been visiting another woman – and even taken our daughter to meet her.

I’m 36 and he is 38. We have been together for five years and have a four-year-old girl.

A few months ago, he found out via Facebook that a woman he’d dated before we met had split up with her husband.

After that, our relationship changed for the worse. He became less affectionate, seemed distracted and started picking fights.

Then, a couple of weeks later, he announced that he needed space and moved back to his flat.

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We agreed that he could see his daughter as often as he liked as we didn’t want to upset her.

Since then, he’s been coming over several times a week.

Sometimes, he takes her out and she’ll stay at his, but other times he’ll stay for dinner. We still get on well and we often end up having sex.

Each time, he tells me how much he loves me, and that he just needs time to sort his head out.

But last week, my daughter said Daddy had taken her to a nice lady’s house. I confronted him and he claims they’re just friends.

My head is a mess. It feels like he’s using me at the same time as he’s starting a relationship with her.

I don’t like him making our daughter a part of this either.


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DEIDRE SAYS:  Your ex is using you. He’s keeping you sweet while he decides if there is a “better” option.

And worse, he’s involving your daughter in his selfish games.
Don’t allow him to hurt you any more. You and your daughter deserve better.

Take back control of your life. Tell him he needs to decide what and who he wants, and that he must not take your little girl to see this woman.

Make it clear you’re getting on with your life and won’t wait around forever. And stop having sex with him.

Formalise arrangements for your daughter. Be civil but not too familiar.

My support pack When Parents Break Up explains why a stable environment is important for your daughter.

It would be helpful for both of you to go to relationship counselling to work through your next steps.


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