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DEAR DEIDRE: A DECADE after we split up, my ex-girlfriend is still interfering in my love life.

We still move in the same circles, and when she hears I’ve started dating someone new, she spreads rumours that put women off me.

We’re both 30. We were together seriously for a few years at university but we argued a lot, and she said she felt we weren’t right for each other long-term.

After that, we remained friends, although we did fall into bed several times over the next few years.

Whenever I met someone I really liked, she made it known that I couldn’t be trusted because I’d “always have feelings for her”.

She made my girlfriend so jealous, she broke up with me. Since then, my ex has done the same thing over and over.

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I now have a reputation as a man who will never commit because I still love her.

She doesn’t want me, but it seems she doesn’t want anyone else to have me.

She’s not found a serious relationship since we broke up, and I think she’s jealous if I ever have the chance of happiness.

What can I do about this? It’s made me lose confidence in my ability to talk to women.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Your ex doesn’t own you. You have been very patient but her behaviour is unacceptable and bordering on obsessional.

Perhaps she still holds a candle for you, but is too proud to say.

Ask a mutual friend to have a gentle word with her.

My support pack, Raising Self-Esteem, should help you to build your confidence.

It might be an idea to look for a new partner further afield, outside your usual circles, where your ex has no influence.

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