My girlfriend broke up with me after she won the lotto – my name was on the cheque but I’ve been left high and dry | The Sun

A MAN who was dumped by his girlfriend has been left skint after his girlfriend dumped him and took off with the £3.6 million they won on the lotto.

Kirk Stevens let then-squeeze Laura Hoyle live with him for free and his name was on the publicity cheque for the prize – but the winnings are in her name.

Instead of paying rent, Laura would buy lottery tickets in the hope of winning enough to have a new life with Kirk.

In return for free bed and board, Laura promised to play the lottery in the hopes of hitting it big, usually spending around £25 a week on tickets.

She had moved in with Kirk after losing her job in management at a Wolverhampton logistics firm and won the astonishing jackpot not long after.

Amazingly, she left the message from National Lottery telling her that she had won unopened for two weeks, thinking she could only have won a fiver.

The happy couple were soon snapped posing with their big cheque, which guaranteed them a pay-out of £10,000 every month over 30 years, worth more than £3.6 million.

Kirk insists that they were "semi-sharing the money" with Laura paying him £1,000 per month and still having cash to quit her job and buy a flash sports car.

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However, Laura broke things off earlier this year and moved into the new house the couple had intended to buy together.

Laura declined to comment when contacted but Kirk said he just wants what he feels is his fair share.

I just want ten per cent. If she continues to pay me £1,000 a month, I’ll happily walk away. She won’t even notice it."

According to Kirk, they now only communicate to argue about who gets to keep their two dogs

He felt that "the money gave her confidence to throw it all away" and made her "snobbish and superior."

Kirk adds that she made it "very clear" that the money was hers and that he would not be getting another penny.

Camelot, who run the National Lottery, have since confirmed that even though the big cheque used for publicity photos was made out to both of them, all winnings are paid to an individual and Laura's was the winning account.

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The couple had planned to start a ghost hunting business and a property empire together.

They regularly went on the search for the supernatural with a night-vision camera but there dreams of a paranormal business have been broken by the split.

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