My stepdaughter is telling lies to try and drive her dad away from me

DEAR DEIDRE: IT seems like my stepdaughter is doing all she can to drive me out, even telling lies about me to her dad – my boyfriend.

She’s 15. Everything seemed fine when I first started seeing her dad but as we spent more time together as a couple, her attitude deteriorated.

When her dad isn’t in the room she is sarcastic and short with me. Then she reverts to normal when he is present.

I’m a woman of 42 and my partner is 44. We have been together for two years and would love to move in together but I worry about living with his daughter.

She has started to tell lies about me.

In the past month alone, she told my boyfriend I left the house unlocked when I went to work, and scratched his car with my bag as I rushed by, and that cash has gone missing when I’ve been the only one in the house. All of it is untrue.

It is very upsetting to be accused of this kind of thing. I have no idea what to do.

DEIDRE SAYS: This is not the behaviour of a happy girl but don’t let her undermine your relationship with her father.

Keep being kind and pleasant. You can’t force her to like you or love you but you do deserve respect.

You and her dad need to sit down with her and lay down some boundaries – but her dad must be the one who dishes out the discipline.

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