My wife had one-night stands before we met and one since we tied the knot

DEAR DEIDRE: NOT only did my wife have one-night stands before we met, I reckon she’s had one since we tied the knot.

We are 34 and have been together for three years.

After we got married last year, she was open about previous one-night stands.

She told me one of them was her best lover ever. That upset me a bit but I let it go.

However, I recently overheard her telling a friend about a fling last year, with all the gory details.

She said she led the guy on and he got aroused, though they didn’t have sex.

Is she telling the truth? I wish she had kept her past where it belongs because now it is causing me a lot of heartache.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I suspect your wife is winding you up deliberately, which is hurtful and unkind.

But the real issue is why she would want to do that. Is there a power imbalance between you that makes her want to get at you?

Is there a sexual problem you are not making major efforts to resolve?

You must talk to your wife about how you can improve your relationship – and maybe your sex life.

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