Nap Pods With Netflix & Wi-Fi Are Coming To Airports Soon

It is a common occurrence frequent fliers know all too well: flight delays. Traveling is one of life’s greatest privileges and adventures, but sometimes no matter how much you plan you cannot stop something from hindering your experience. Airports try to provide amenities for people who spend more time than planned within them, but there is one activity airports have never been conducive to: sleep. That is, before now. Or, soon, rather — nap pods with Netflix and Wi-Fi will be hitting airports around the world.

When that days comes, you’ll be able to take a nap in an airport using a self-contained sleeping apparatus called an Airpod, according to Travel + Leisure. This Airpod is not to be confused with Apple’s new wireless headphones, also called Airpods. The Airpod is unique, as it was designed with one role in mind: as a sleep space specifically for travelers stuck in airports for unplanned stretches of time. They are effectively little portable rooms that contain a chair which converts into a bed, perfect for all your napping needs. They give you a place to charge your electronics, Wi-Fi, a television, and even an air purifier! I bet you didn’t even know you wanted one of those!

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