NASA astronauts play first-ever game of tennis in space

Astronauts have played the first-ever game of tennis in space — making intergalactic history.

Space heroes on board the International Space Station livestreamed their match to the world Wednesday night.

Space station commander Drew Feustel played against fellow NASA astronauts Serena Auñón-Chancellor and Ricky Arnold, as well as the European Space Agency’s Alexander Gerst in a doubles match.

They were forced to use miniature tennis rackets and a tennis ball to play to make sure they didn’t cause any damage to the spacecraft.

Unsurprisingly, the game — which was beamed onto a giant globe in New York City — looked very strange and was extremely slow-paced.

That’s because the astronauts were playing in microgravity — an extremely weak version of gravity experienced aboard a spacecraft.

This meant that the ball didn’t bounce at all.

And when it was hit, it would travel in a completely straight line — rather than steadily falling downward like an Earth-based ball.

Making matters more difficult, the astronauts themselves were also floating around.

This meant they had an additional challenge of trying to remain upright while taking swings.

Feustel and Arnold eventually won the match, saying: “I feel a little bit winded. It was a difficult match and playing in microgravity is tough.”

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