Natasha Aponte, ‘The Live Tinder Date Scam Woman,’ Dishes On Why She Did It

Natasha Aponte did something that countless women who have used Tinder, or most any dating app, have dreamed of at least once. Get all the men together in one place, see if they match their profile, and then swipe left and right until the best candidate for a date is all that remains. Aponte didn’t quite do it for that reason, but she did have what she feels is a good one.

As was reported at Inquisitr, Aponte set up dates with dozens of men for the same time at the same location this last Sunday. She told them all she wanted to meet at Union Square to hear a DJ spin some tunes. There was a DJ, and he was playing music, but before long many of the men began to realize they were all there to meet Natasha. Some left, some walked away, but not so far that they couldn’t watch, and a lot of guys hung around to see if they were going to get a date.

The early rumor was that Aponte, an aspiring actress and model, was in on some kind of MTV gag for a new show or something of that nature. She was photographed at the VMA’s the night before, and she captioned her Instagram of said photo with “Nothing can stop me but God Not your toxic hurt masculinity watch me win.” It seemed like a logical possibility to many people that were involved. It was that possibility that kept some of those “scammed” men who had seen the photo on her social media from leaving.

In the end, the answer was much simpler and less exciting. Aponte teamed up with Rob Bliss, who owns a video marketing agency, to pull the stunt off. Buzzfeed reported that in her interview with Good Morning America, they made the video as a form of social commentary.

“The purpose of making this video was to simply take the Tinder experience and bring it into the real world. It’s become kind of socially acceptable to disqualify people and say, you have to be x height, you have to work x job. Yeah, we should be mad about this. It’s funny, cause all of the negative [comments] that I’m getting from these guys are still in my inboxes trying to date me.”

Bliss mentioned repeatedly that the purpose of the video created of the event was not to sell or promote anything, but rather to raise awareness about the “absurdity of dating apps.” Intentional or not, because of the event, Aponte is now making the rounds on the talk show circuit, booking work, and realizing a level of fame that she never had before.

Incidentally, Aponte had no intentions to date anyone that showed up, and thus far, has not gone out with any of the men that participated. She is still being taken to task on social media by almost equal numbers of men and women for pulling the stunt.

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