Neil Lane on The Best Engagement Ring Style, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I’m often asked about the inspiration behind the engagement rings I design. Over the years, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to create beautiful pieces for The Bachelor contestants and Hollywood celebrities. Whether I’m making a custom piece, reconfiguring a vintage heirloom or designing new styles for my collection I always consider the special factors that rule a couple’s life: their unique bond, individual values, personal style, and more.

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Those who know me best know that astrology plays a big role in my life. I believe that the stars and universe can act as guiding principles in our day to day and when it comes to relationships. The traits associated with your sign can help guide you in choosing the ultimate symbol of love: your engagement ring. My advice to brides struggling to find the “perfect ring” is to let what’s written in the stars lead you.

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An air sign, the Gemini is extremely energetic, youthful and versatile. Their playfulness and curiosity contrast with a quiet, contemplative side. But above all, Gemini’s are known to be unwaveringly loyal. As a Gemini, you may be attracted to a ring that represents your many sides as well as your eternal devotion to your partner, and an eternity band could be just the thing! Take Marilyn Monroe, a multifaceted Gemini, and the platinum eternity band she received from Joe DiMaggio on her wedding day. It’s 35 baguette diamonds reflected light from every angle, playing off Monroe’s undeniable vibrancy.

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Neil Lane


Uniquely combining sophistication with an enviable coolness, Libras epitomize the “breath of fresh air” linked to air signs. They are graceful and have a calming, almost meditative energy that others gravitate towards. As a Libra, perhaps you’ll want a ring that is balanced by both grace and serenity. If so, look no further than the aquamarine, a statement-making gemstone that exudes tranquility, perfect for the Libra who embodies the calmness of a cool summer’s breeze.

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As an Aquarian myself, I can attest to the sign’s fierce independence, highly original and undeniably exciting qualities. Much like the wind, Aquarians freely change direction and bring their loved ones with them on an exciting adventure. For the bride that’s always true to herself (and eccentric in the best way!), I suggest a yellow diamond, a color that’s as stunning as it is unique. In true Aquarian fashion, Alicia Keys chose a 7-carat princess cut yellow diamond engagement ring, truly representing the sign’s sense of adventure and originality.

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Cancers are one of the most sensitive, passionate and imaginative of the Zodiac. Expressive like waves during a storm, or the tide on a clear day, they are instinctively linked to the water in their sign. If you’re a Cancer, you may be drawn to a pear-shaped diamond because of its soft lines and wave-like shape. True to form, newly-engaged Cancer Ariana Grande has been spotted wearing a pear-shaped sparkler. The ring’s center stone is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds and set on a diamond platinum band, proving that nothing says passion like lots and lots of diamonds!

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Ruled by the planet Mars, Scorpios are energetic, fiery and bold.  Their conviction and strong sense of self often make them irresistible to others. A marquise shaped diamond, with its distinctive edges and eye-catching shape, screams Scorpio! It’s the ultimate blend of alluring romanticism and modern flare, making it the perfect expression of love for the powerful and passionate sign.

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Pisceans are as deep and mysterious as the ocean, hiding a compassionate, sensitive and emotional nature beneath the surface. The fish is also extremely attuned to the emotions of others, at times even mirroring the sentiments of those around them. A multifaceted diamond, like the Asscher cut, exemplifies those traits, much like Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring. The Asscher ring mirrored her the depth of her relationship with Richard Burton (who she married twice), while reflecting the many many facets of her unforgettable and fabulous personality.

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As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are pioneering, adventurous and strong. The confident and capable Aries usually wears many hats and faces life’s challenges head-on. Aries’ pave the way regardless of the direction in which they are headed and are known have their hands in multiple projects at once. A woman who dares to stand out and lead the way is bound to choose a ring that makes a statement. The emerald cut diamond is an attractive, strong and sophisticated choice, well-suited for those who are unafraid to stand out and leave their mark.

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 A true fire sign, the lion or lioness is attention-grabbing, confident and charming. Both creative and detail-oriented, Leos always find the right balance of originality and elegance. Leos often choose rings that are true to these traits – inspired details and a blinding sparkle that is as impossible to ignore as a Leo herself. Meghan Markle, a lioness in her own right, famously chose a custom engagement ring with sentimental meaning. Incorporating details like a stunning 3-carat cushion cut diamond from Botswana, as well as two side diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection reflects both the originality and elegance of the Leo. 

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Sagittarius’ are bright, fun-loving, free spirits. They are unafraid to speak their minds and soar through life like shooting stars. In my experience, Sagittarius’ are attracted to rings with a certain spark, a diamond that dances in the light and has the ability to catch others by surprise. The ring I designed for Miley Cyrus, who is unsurprisingly a Sagittarius—after all, who could be more free-spirited than Miley—had a 19th century, multifaceted stone and an art nouveau feel to it. The style and contrast in colors make it a truly magical, one of a kind ring.

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Virgos are admired for their intellect, down to earth nature and charm. They are characteristically modest and practical, yet always polished, and therefore need a ring that offers the best of both worlds. A ring with a round cut diamond may be the perfect choice for the Virgo. It is both timeless and exceptionally versatile. Combining a round cut with an engraved band makes for a ring that is understated, yet interesting and appropriate for every setting.

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Perceptive, ambitious and disciplined, Capricorns are extremely grounded. They are well-known for being wise beyond their years, perhaps explaining their brilliance and sophistication. It’s no wonder this old soul gravitates toward vintage designs! Kate Moss, a prime example of the cultured Capricorn, chose a vintage engagement ring inspired by a piece given to American artist and socialite, Zelda Fitzgerald. The large round diamond set into a diamond-studded, tapered band is a clear mark of refinement and worldliness.

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Taurus women are known to be generous, kindhearted and as stable as the ground they walk on. When I think of this inherent perseverance and selfless love, I envision a ring with rounded edges and a band that hugs and supports the center stone, much like the ring Sean Lowe chose for Catherine Giudici (The Bachelor, season 170). The 3.15-carat cushion cut diamond is softened by a halo of smaller round diamonds and accented with an encrusted band. This is the kind of ring that complements a strong woman and a solid, everlasting relationship.

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