Netflix's Our Planet Shows How One of the World's Biggest Animals Lives Off a Tiny Food Source

For humpback whales, it’s all about quantity when it comes to food.

These giant sea creatures, which can be found in every ocean on Earth, live off a diet of krill – a tiny crustacean.

This clip from the Netflix nature documentary series Our Planet shows how these big mammals live off itty-bitty bits of food. Since there is so much krill to go around, humpback whales feast on big mouthfuls and still leave enough krill behind for seals to get their fill too.

Not too long ago, it was the number of humpback whales that was tiny. The species was on the brink of extinction several decades ago due to commercial whaling.

Commercial whaling was banned in 1986 in response to public outcry from around the world. Since the ban went into effect, the number of humpback whales has steadily climbed.

Our Planet, which shows the negative effects manmade issues have on animals all over the globe, hopes the success story of the humpback whale inspires animal lovers to make and demand changes that protect the Earth’s creatures.


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