Never Be Caught With Your Fly Down Again With This Hack

Making sure your zipper stays put can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to this ingenious lifehack.

Jeans are still the de-facto casual pants. It doesn’t matter which country you’re in or how hot it is outside, denim is a look that’s recognized the world over. They’re comfortable, stylish, and best of all, durable.

But they have a fatal flaw: the zipper. For reasons that defy science, a fly seems to be weightier than its meager mass would have you believe. At the worst possible time it will somehow find a way to descend to embarrassingly low altitudes, providing the world with a tantalizing (or hilarious, depending on the kind of person you are) glimpse of your undergarments.

Some experts suggest it has to do with the shape of the average body not being conducive to a seamless fly. Some suggest it has more to do with the fact that a body in motion will provide a constant shearing force that slowly causes the zipper to fall link by link. Others believe it is simply a zipper’s natural state to be as low as possible–an explanation that seems to mirror the great Greek philosopher Aristotle.

He was wearing a robe, but one can imagine Aristotle coming to the same conclusion if he were to don a pair of jeans.

Now, thanks to this life hack, your fly can defy gravity so you can retain your sense of both modesty and fashion.

The idea is so simple it seems almost impossible that denim-makers hadn’t thought of it already. First, you need a small metal ring, like the one on most keychains. Next, attach it to your zipper by looping a thread through the small hole at the end and then tieing it to the ring. Finally, when you button up your jeans, place the ring between the button and hole in the fabric so that it stays in place.

Voila. Never worry about your fly being undone again. Aristotle would be proud.

Y’know, if he wore jeans at all.

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