‘New Girl’ Exclusive Clip: Winston Calls Out Nick For Procrastinating

The truth comes out! In this EXCLUSIVE ‘New Girl’ preview, Winston is brutally honest with Nick about his severe lack of motivation.

A brand new episode of New Girl premieres on Tuesday, April 24 at 9:30pm ET on FOX. Unfortunately for Nick (Jake Johnson), he’ll be forced to face the music about one of his worst habits: procrastination. We have an EXCLUSIVE preview from the new episode, in which one of Nick’s best friends, Winston (Lamorne Morris), gets brutally honest about his procrastinating. The best part? The clip brings us back in time to visit long-haired college Nick once again!

“You always procrastinate when something is important to you,” Winston tells Nick. “You know how I know? January 12, 2001. You drove eight hours across the country to come see me at college, to ask me if I had seen A Bug’s Life. A BUG’S LIFE? The weekend before your midterm.” The footage then cuts to Nick’s college days, showing him getting incredibly distracted while studying in his dorm room before deciding to make the road trip to visit his buddy Winston.

“You should have appreciated that you friend hitch-hiked across the country to visit you!” Nick rants, defending himself in the present-day. Then, when Winston urges him to try and provide a reason for why he procrastinates so badly, Nick can only respond with, “That’s a vague question!” before admitting that he truly doesn’t know why he’s gotten into such a bad habit.

New Girl is currently in the midst of its seventh and final season, which will consist of just eight episodes. Season 7 premiered on April 10, so unfortunately, there are just a few more weeks left until the series finale. Watch the EXCLUSIVE clip from tonight’s episode above!

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