New York State Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein

It seems like the Harvey Weinstein drama isn’t quite over. Besides being charged with sexual harassment by so many women, losing his job as CEO, sending The Weinstein Company into bankruptcy, getting divorced from his current wife, Weinstein is now facing a major Civil Rights lawsuit brought against him by Attorney General of the State of New York.

Being sued by New York State is no trivial matter. New York is one of the most powerful legal jurisdictions in America. New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is known for his toughness and for winning big cases. He forced Donald Trump to pay a $25 million settlement for the fraudulent practices of the fake Trump University.

The Inquisitr reports that Weinstein’s life is essentially ruined. Hollywood’s number one leading man, George Clooney, is disgusted by Weinstein. Meryl Streep, James Cameron, and other celebrities spoke about Weinstein and condemn his behavior.

Weinstein will never be able to work in the movie business again, even as a ticket-taker, earning minimum wage at the local movie theater. Someone might feel sorry enough for him and allow him to be a janitor, cleaning up popcorn and soda trash between movie showings, however, that is probably about as close as he will ever get to the movies again.

The N.Y. lawsuit named Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company as co-defendants. It said The Weinstein Company failed on many occasions to prevent Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment, discrimination, and intimidation. The lawsuit cited, as an example, that Weinstein required his limousine drivers to always have condoms along with other shocking alleged demands.

The N.Y. lawsuit also means the sale of The Weinstein Company is halted, pending the outcome of the new civil case. Whatever remaining value that The Weinstein Company might have could evaporate. Weinstein himself is already not able to pay for his own legal defense. The company that Weinstein founded with his brother, which became a powerhouse in independent films, could now be worthless.

N. Y. Attorney General issued a press release, which said, “My office just filed a civil rights lawsuit against The Weinstein Company. Any sale of the company must ensure victims are adequately compensated, employees are protected, and that enablers of sexual misconduct will not be unjustly enriched.”

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