Nicki Minaj Is ‘Happy’ Meek Mills’ Out Of Jail — But Does She Want To Date Him Again?

Nicki Minaj is thrilled for her ex Meek Mill that he’s finally been sprung from jail. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on if she hopes to get back together with the newly freed rapper.

Now that Meek Mill l is a free man, will he get a second shot at love with ex Nicki Minaj? The “Anaconda” rapper and Meek — real name Robert Williams — called it quits at the start of 2017 after two sizzling years together. With all that Meek has been through in the legal system since their split, she’s simply glad he’s got his freedom back. “Nicki‘s happy that Meek is out of jail, she wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But as far as her wanting to get back together that’s a very big long shot, she’s not going to chase him down. Meek’s trying though, he’s already hit her up for a date. Nicki will probably see him but he’s got a long way to go before he wins her back,” a source close to Nicki tells EXCLUSIVELY.

While Nicki is gearing up to drop her new album and doesn’t really have time for love, Meek, 30, is hoping that she will find her way back to him, especially after his traumatic five months in a state prison. He revealed in several interviews how difficult a time he was having on the inside, so he would love a second chance at love with Nicki. “Meek is a changed man after getting out of jail. From his relationship with Nicki to his perspective on family and his career, everything has changed after his freedom was taken from him. Meek realizes he still has a lot of love for Nicki and life is short,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

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