Nikki Bella Misses John Cena ‘Like Crazy’ But Fears It’ll Be ‘A Disaster’ To Get Back Together

Will Nikki Bella take John Cena back? A source close to Nikki EXCLUSIVELY told HL that she’s conflicted between starting a family with him & not giving him another chance.

Nikki Bella, 34, and John Cena, 41, may have broken up, but she’s apparently considering giving their relationship a second chance after he shockingly revealed he wants to father her kids. A source close to Nikki EXCLUSIVELY gave us the deets about how she’s dealing with their split. “Nikki misses John so much it’s crazy,” our source said. “She thinks about him constantly and still loves him to pieces. Nikki really wants to believe John when he says he wants to be a dad now, but she can’t help doubting him still though, given that it’s such a drastic turnaround.”

Also standing in the way of Nikki and John getting back together is Nikki’s sister Brie Bella, 34, who has been telling her to not believe anything that John says. “It really doesn’t help that Brie is telling Nikki not to trust him, and that he will only end up breaking her heart,” our source went on to say. “Brie wants Nikki to just forget about John and move on to somebody else, but Nikki can’t, as she still loves John. Nikki gets tearful every time she thinks about how they would be married now if she hadn’t broken things off. Being John’s wife, and mother to his kids, was all she ever wanted.”

When it comes down to it, Nikki is so torn that she can’t make a decision. “A huge part of Nikki wants to give in and get back with John, to give him the benefit of the doubt and try for a family together, but she can’t help worrying it could just be a disaster waiting to happen if he’s just saying all this for her sake and doesn’t genuinely mean it,” our source added. Time will tell whether or not Nikki will give John a second chance!

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