Nine surprising 'superdrinks' to recharge your health – from weight loss aid to fruit juice that boosts your sex life

FORGET superfoods, now it’s all about what you are drinking.

Scientists recently discovered tea is a superdrink which can help a whole raft of ailments. 

A cuppa can fight cancer, cut heart disease and lower your risk of dementia, say the US Tea Council. 

The US Tea Council’s Dr Taylor Wallace said: “This bountiful beverage is one which people can easily add to better their diet and create a healthier and longer life.”

Earlier this year the University of Birmingham reported hot cocoa can make you smarter. 

So boil the kettle and get ready to find out the superdrinks you should be sipping. 


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Hot cocoa – Makes you smarter

Hot chocolate could make you better in a pub quiz, according to scientists. 

Cocoa contains plenty of the nutrient flavanols which boosts oxygen in the brain. 

This heightens your ability to think clearly and complete tasks well says the University of Birmingham. 

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But for this to work it has to be hot cocoa rather than any processed alternative. 

Coffee – Lowers diabetes risk

A coffee doesn’t just make you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

It can also lower your chances of developing type 2 diabetes according to Harvard University. 

Their study found people who had one extra cup of coffee a day had an 11 per cent lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

But if you already have the disease, they warned, coffee could have the adverse effect and make things worse. 

Red wine – Treat endometriosis symptoms

A full bodied red is exceptionally good for easing the pain of endometriosis, according to scientists. 

The skin of red grapes used to make the wine contains a compound called resveratrol.

The plant-based compound has been shown to reduce inflammation and as a result pelvic pain.

But other studies show too much booze could result in breast cancer. 

Whisky – Good for your heart 

A nip of whiskey can warm you up and also reduce your risk of heart failure. 

A study led by the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen says a small amount of whisky a week is actually good for your heart. 

A single malt contains the highest amount of antioxidants which prevent the build up of plaque in blood vessels. 

But the story caveats that a maximum of seven small glasses of whisky should be drunk a week. 

Cola – Helps digestion 

Got a tummy ache? A glug of cola might sort you out. 

Scientists are using coca cola to treat painful condition gastric phytobezoar, according to a report in the Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

The illness can cause a bowel obstruction if not treated – sometimes resulting in surgery.

But research has shown in 90 per cent of cases cola will do the job too by breaking down blockages.

Watermelon juice – Improves your sex life

If you aim to please the ladies, downing some watermelon might be the answer.

Juice containing the fruit contains L-citrulline which can apparently give you a boost down below.

The amino acid converts into nitric oxide which boosts your blood flow. Scientists found this makes your manhood, er, harder.

Water – helps lose weight

Yes, it’s not exactly a revelation but water is probably the best drink you can glug. 

Drinking water helps you burn up to a third more calories for an hour, according to a 2009 US study. 

A Californian study from 2008 showed women who drink an extra litre of water a day burn up to 4.4lbs over the course of a year without any other changes to their diet. 

Cherry juice – good for memory

A glass of cherry juice every day can help keep your brain healthy into old age. 

A study by the University of Delaware found people between 65 and 73 who drank a glass every day for 12 weeks saw benefits. 

The study participants were given a memory test and those who drank the juice rather than a placebo had higher scores. 

Vodka – prevents blood clots

As well as being an antiseptic, vodka turns out to be great for your circulation. 

A shot can increase blood-flow and circulation in your body which can prevent dangerous clots. 

It has also been shown to lower cholesterol. 

But drinking too much can lead to a fatty liver so best in moderation. 

Bovril – good for pregnancy

It might not be one of your pregnancy cravings but Bovril contains nutrients essential when expecting. 

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One serving contains a fifth of the daily recommended dose of folic acid, according to the Daily Mail. 

The NHS recommends pregnant women take a 400 microgram supplement of folic acid every day to prevent birth defects.

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