So, No Second Date? Woman Accused Of Sending 65,000 Text Messages To Man Who Didn’t Call Her Back After A Date

Jacqueline Ades allegedly told the man she wanted to bathe in his blood, and even broke into his home to take a bath.

Jacqueline Ades could possibly use a lesson in the importance of giving space in a relationship.

Police say the 31-year-old Arizona woman unleashed a torrent of harassment on a man who didn’t call her back for a second date after they met online and went out together, sending 65,000 text messages and even breaking into the man’s home to take a bath. As WFLA reported, police arrested the Paradise Valley woman this week on charges that she threatened and stalked the unnamed man.

As the report noted, the harassment started last year after the two met through an online dating site and went on a single date. When the man did not pursue a second date, Ades reportedly began sending text messages to the man — 65,000 in total, with as many as 500 on some days.

The alleged incidents grew more and more bizarre. As reported, the woman told the man she wanted to wear a body part and bathe in his blood, then literally bathed in his home.

While he was abroad, the victim reportedly saw Jacqueline Ades entering his home while viewing a livestream of his surveillance camera. He called the police, who responded to find the woman in his bathtub.

The alleged harassment did not stop there. One month later, police say Ades went to a business owned by the victim and claimed that she was his wife, then began acting irrationally.

In one of the text messages sent to the victim, Ades allegedly threatened to kill the man if he considered ending the “relationship.”

“Don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you,” she wrote, according to WFLA.

As the report noted, the victim called police several times to report the stalking, but the woman was not arrested until this week.

The strange story has attracted nationwide attention this week, with many outlets reporting on Jacqueline Ades and sharing social media pictures of the 31-year-old. She has also gotten quite a bit of attention from local media, speaking to the press this week.

Jacqueline Ades faces a misdemeanor charge of harassment and felony charges of stalking and threatening and intimidating. It was not clear how much jail time she could face if convicted.

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