Normani Jumps To Her Feet To Cheer On Camila Cabello At BBMAs & 5H Fans Can’t Handle It

There’s no bad blood here! Normani stood up and clapped for her former ‘Fifth Harmony’ bandmate, Camila Cabello, during the Billboard Music Awards on May 20.

Girl power! Rumors claiming the girls of Fifth Harmony are angry with Camila Cabello for leaving the band were put to rest on May 20, when Normani jumped to her feet and clapped for Camila, when the “Havana” singer won a major award at the Billboard Music Awards. When Camila was named the winner of the Billboard Chart Achievement award — one that was voted for by fans — she immediately ran up on stage and hugged Andy Cohen, who was the one to identify her as the winner. And then, the camera panned to Normani, who could be seen jumping to her feet and clapping joyously. So sweet!

Fortunately, we weren’t the only ones who noticed the special moment. Fifth Harmony fans did, too. And they started freaking out on Twitter over the show of support. One fan tweeted, “NORMANI JUST FUCKING CLAPPED FOR CAMILA!!!!!,” while another added, “Normani smiling while Camila was coming on stage. i love my girls.” Furthermore, one super fan tweeted, “NORMANI CLAPPING FOR CAMILA!! SAVE THIS VIDEO EVERYONE!!! WE STAN WE SUPPORT! NORMANI APPROVES!!!!!!” Clearly, they were elated to see that there’s no bad blood between these girls. At least, not anymore. They even posed for a photo together after the show! See it below.

As you know, Camila received a lot of flack for abruptly leaving Fifth Harmony in 2017, before embarking on a solo career. There was a bit of back and forth between the girls in the following months, but as evidenced by this video, all seems to be okay now. Phew!

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