North Carolina Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted During Her Miss USA Final Question

Miss North Carolina was emotional while answering the final question of the Miss USA competition, revealing that she had once been sexually assaulted.

The #MeToo movement has been at the forefront of tonight’s Miss USA pageant. For the final question of the competition, Nick Lachey asked the top 3 if they had a blank sign, what they would write on it. Miss North Carolina Caelynn Miller-Keyes gave a profound response, and in doing so, revealed she had been sexually assaulted and fought back against her perpetrator. She proclaimed her sign would say, “Your Body, Your Rights,” and added, “No one has the right to assault, touch or harass you.” Wow.

The other top contenders, Miss Nebraska and Miss Nevada, also gave great answers to the question. Miss Nebraska had an eloquent response, saying she would write “Speak Your Voice,” and encouraged everyone to not only use their voice, but to listen to others opinions. She even made the first political statement of the evening, saying “We need to listen to each other more in the US,” which received a roaring applause. Miss Nevada spoke out about homelessness in America, as she once struggled with homelessness herself. Miss Nebraska Sarah Rose Summers ultimately earned the crown, and she was totally flawless, as was her answer to the final question.

All these women are such wonderful contenders for the top prize — but only one can take home the crown! Vanessa and Nick Lachey, hosts of the evening, were visibly impressed with the answers — or they were just hoping not to have a Steve Harvey moment when the crowning time comes. The pair joked in an interview with EW that they are trying their best to not have any screw ups! “I’m going to make Vanessa do it! My eyes are starting to go; there’s no telling what I’ll read,” Nick laughed. So far, it’s been a great evening with no falls, slips or flubs!

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