‘From Not To Hot’ Preview: Honey Boo Boo Goes Ax-Throwing To Get Rid Of Her Anger — Watch

‘From Not To Hot’ is back! In this EXCLUSIVE preview, Pumpkin takes Honey Boo Boo ax-throwing, and it gets intense. Honey Boo Boo blows off some steam, and she’s actually pretty good at ax-throwing!

Pumpkin, 18, and Josh decided to take Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, 12, ax-throwing to made ease some of the anger she’s feeling. Honey Boo Boo grabs the ax and doesn’t hold back with her first throw. While she misses the target, it doesn’t take her long to get the hang of things. Josh jokes that he’s going to end up with an ax in his ass. The instructor asks Honey Boo Boo what she’s so angry about. “These guys stole my room,” she says. “It’s a long story.”

When Josh has a go at it, he just can’t match Honey Boo Boo. “I mean, I guess I forgive them a little ’cause ax-throwing is the bomb,” Honey Boo Boo says. While Honey Boo Boo and Josh are busy throwing, Pumpkin gets a phone call. After she gets off the phone, she tells Honey Boo Boo and Josh that they need to go home. Honey Boo Boo asks why, and Josh tells Pumpkin that she looks like someone died. That’s where the clip ends. Talk about a cliffhanger!

This season on Mama June: From Not To Hot, Mama June is heading back to pageants! Mama June and Honey Boo Boo decide to create their own charity event — a mother-daughter pageant. Back in the pageant world, Honey Boo Boo has to compete against her old rivals. Also, the arrival of the baby brings complications for Pumpkin and Josh’s relationship. Plus, there may be a double wedding! Will Geno and Mama June get engaged? You’ll have to tune in and see! Mama June: From Not to Hot season 2 premieres June 15 at 9:00pm ET/PT on WE tv.

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