Very odd photos reveal what fruit you never see without its skin

The very strange snaps of peeled fruit that are never seen without their skin… so how many can YOU recognise?

  • Snaps on social media reveal what fruit look like when they’re peeled whole
  • The pictures are oddly disturbing as usually they are never seen without the skin
  • Some of the fruit are unrecognisable, such as peeled watermelon and grapes 
  • But can you tell what they are just from these images? 

We often see bananas and oranges out of their peel but there are some fruits that always have some of the skin left on.

But now a disturbing series of social media snaps reveals what some fruit look like when you peel them whole – and some are unrecognisable.

From a watermelon and a coconut, to grapes and a lime, these are the fruit that should never be peeled whole or have their skin removed because they look so odd.

So how many can you recognise from just the picture? 


These aren’t alien eggs but peeled grapes – but they don’t look as appetising without their skin


Shoppers usually see watermelon whole in its shell, in chunks or in slices – but never peeled whole like it has been here


Some varieties of blueberry are actually green inside if you peel away the skin – but why would you?


This peach has been peeled whole, leaving the very shiny flesh behind


Limes are usually cut into thin slices for a garnish or squeezed whole – so seeing them segmented like an orange may disturb some people


Figs are often eaten with their skin still on and are rarely peeled whole but this is what they look like without their coating, if you’ve ever wondered


It may look like a flower but this is in fact what a dragon fruit looks like when peeled whole


We’re used to seeing the exotic fruit rambutan in its spiky red shell but the flesh inside is white


A lemon, like a lime, is rarely peeled whole so the sight of one without its skin is unusual


Have you ever seen a whole coconut without its furry skin? This is what it looks like


Someone has managed to peel the skin off a pomegranate while keeping all the juicy seeds in the shape of the fruit

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