The Office: 7 Years Later, We Know What Pam Tells Michael During Their Airport Farewell

It’s been seven years since our beloved Michael Scott bid farewell to his Dunder Mifflin family and moved to Colorado on The Office, and all this time we’ve had one very pressing question on our minds (besides, of course, how dare you, NBC?): what the heck did Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) and Michael (Steve Carell) talk about at the airport while saying goodbye to each other without their microphones on?! It’s been slowly eating away at us ever since 2011, and thankfully, Fischer just came to the rescue with the answer we’ve all been waiting for.

To refresh your memory on the tearjerking episode, Michael spends much of it saying individual farewells to his Dunder Mifflin coworkers on what everyone believes is his second to last day in the office. After a phone call with his fiancée, Holly, he learns that he’s actually leaving Scranton for Colorado that evening, and Pam isn’t there to say goodbye before he leaves the parking lot. Luckily she’s able to track him down in the airport, where the two share a hug and some parting words just beyond the security checkpoint. During the conversation, the two characters aren’t wearing their mics, so viewers can’t hear their exchange, but Pam is rather teary-eyed afterward.

Now we have the details about Pam and Michael’s tearjerking airport farewell, thanks to Jenna Fischer, who recently did an Instagram live video to talk about the show. “That was me talking to Steve,” she told her followers, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I told him all the ways I was going to miss him when we left our show. Those were real tears and a real goodbye. That was a really emotional scene.”

So it looks like their exchange was improvised and straight from the heart. Ugh, I’m feeling all the tears well up again. Relive Pam and Michael’s final moments together in the video above, and you’ll likely feel inclined to binge-watch The Office for the millionth time.

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