Oh, Big Time Rush Has *Thoughts* on These Fashion Trends

Listen, after examining all of the evidence, it’s clear that the boys of Big Time Rush know all too well about generation-defining music, how to be a proper BF, and fashion. That being the case, it was well time we had them play a round of Drip or Drop here at Cosmo. It’s the game where we present celebs with all of the season’s hottest trends, and they decide whether they would wear or tear the looks. Naturally, it gets pretty cutthroat.

You better take notes on all the styling wisdom BTR laid out throughout this episode. James says shorts should remain north of the kneecap, and Kendall claims leather jackets are officially *out.* Watching these guys explain their fashion logic was everything. Check out the full ep to hear what looks got dropped, who their style inspirations are, and why button-down tank tops might be the next big thing…

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