Oil Rig Workers Rescue Stranded Dog Found Swimming in the Sea 136 Miles from Shore

Workers with Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd. had an unexpected visitor at their rig in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand — 136 miles from shore.

According to ABC News, a stranded dog paddled up to the rig and desperately took hold of a pole attached to the rig. The workers, who spotted the pup swimming up to the platform and called out to them, immediately set to work rescuing the canine. They lowered a rope down to the dog and pulled them to safety.

Once the dog was safe on the solid ground of the rig and dried off, the workers made sure to give her a warm welcome. The brown dog stayed on the rig for two nights, reports Newsflare, and was fed well by the rig’s staff.

On April 14, the dog was moved to a passing vessel and brought to the mainland.

It is unclear how the dog ended up so far from shore, but the rig workers believe the pooch may have fallen off a boat. As a parting gift, the workers gave the dog the name Boonrod, which “the dog rescued by merit,” reports ABC News.

The dog also left the rig with a home. One of the workers plans to adopt the canine, who is doing well after their ordeal, when he returns to land later this month.

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