The One Hilarious ‘Friends’ Scene That Never Gets Enough Love

Friends has plenty of iconic hilarious scenes, from Ross freaking out over his boss eating his sandwich, to the gang coping with a citywide blackout. But there’s one hilarious moment in Friends that remains underrated to this day: Chandler not remembering which of Joey’s sisters he hooked up with. The Season 3 occurrence is one of Chandler’s best — and worst — moments, as he attempts to discover her identity while also trying to make sure his friendship with Joey isn’t ruined.

It all starts when Chandler sees Janice at Rockefeller Center happily skating with her husband. Chandler, who hoped to rekindle their relationship, is heartbroken. He then realizes that Joey’s birthday party is coming up, which is the perfect time to have fun and forget about his ex. But, in true Chandler fashion, it doesn’t quite work out. He hilariously gets very drunk off Jell-o shots, even trying to feed some to the dog statue in his apartment. When Monica asks him to stick out his tongue to see how many blue shots he took, Chandler retaliates with one of his best, albeit inappropriate lines, saying, “take off your shirt!”

The drunker Chandler gets, the more he remembers Janice and feels sad. And so when Joey’s sisters arrive, some of them gather around Chandler as he tells them about his relationship woes. The next day, he wakes up in the storage closet with one of the sisters — but problem is, he can’t remember which one. Plus, it doesn’t help that Joey’s sisters all look alike.

After Joey tells him that Mary Angela told him all about their hookup, Chandler decides to solve the mystery of which sister she is. This prompts one of the most hilarious and underrated scenes in Friends ever. Instead of writing her a letter like he originally planned, Chandler decides to go to Joey’s family’s home, hoping that Mary Angela will answer the door (solving the identification issue) and then he can tell her that he isn’t actually looking for a relationship. This plan backfires, however, when Joey’s the one to answer the door.

Chandler is forced to awkwardly have dinner with Joey, his sisters, and his grandmother, all while still trying to discover which sister Mary Angela is. He tries to find out by asking Mary Angela what her favorite meal is, but instead of receiving a response, Joey’s grandmother responds to the question. Just when Chandler is becoming frustrated, the sister sitting next to him asks him to excuse himself to the bathroom. He follows her, believing he’s finally found Mary Angela. But just when he starts trying to break things off with her, she tells him she’s actually Mary Therese. Chandler, who is desperate to find out who Mary Angela is, asks her to point out her sister, only to find a meek Mary Angela standing by the door overhearing everything.

Hurt and angry, she shouts “Joey!” at the top of her lungs, and so all the sisters and Joey corral around Chandler, calling him out on his treatment of Mary Angela. Joey tells Chandler that typically, in this situation, he’d definitely punch a guy who mistreats one of his sisters, but he doesn’t want to hurt his best friend. His sister Cookie, however, is ready to throw a punch if needed. So, Joey tells Chandler that he’ll remain unscathed under the condition that he apologizes to Mary Angela directly.

But here’s the kicker: Chandler, who had just re-met Mary Angela minutes before, cannot remember which one she is — again. Joey then gives his blessing to Cookie to hit Chandler, knocking him out.

All throughout Friends, Chandler has plenty of moments where he creates awkward situations and becomes the star of an episode thanks to his mess ups. But this one stands out because it’s truly hilarious, as well as a demonstration of Joey and Chandler’s forever-close bond. Plus, nothing is funnier than Drunk Chandler.

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