OnlyFans OAP, 70, hits back at trolls who call her ‘saggy waste of space’

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    An OnlyFans model hit back at the cruel trolls who shame her for selling nudes as a 70-year-old woman.

    Michelle Hardenbrook strips off online to support her son, who became disabled aged 35.

    And despite not harming anyone, the old age pensioner has been targeted by keyboard bullies.

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    But speaking with the Daily Star, the defiant mum-of-two slammed those who try to bring her down.

    Putting it bluntly, she said: “They need to mind their own business! Nobody forced anybody to sign up to my OnlyFans.

    “If people want to look at a 70-year-old woman using a dildo on herself then that’s their right.”

    Asked about some of the distasteful comments she gets, Michelle, a former secretary who became a sex worker aged 55, was quick to respond.

    “I got one yesterday,” she said. “I will get it up now… it read, ‘what a saggy human waste of space this female is’.

    “What would even possess someone to post a comment like that? You can’t live your life without saying something mean to somebody?

    “Didn’t your mother ever tell you if you don’t have anything positive to say then keep your mouth shut.”

    She added: “It’s OK to think what you want to think, nobody has a right to govern your thoughts. But you should have an internal editor that stops you posting mean things like that.

    “So when I get a comment like that I reply and point out that it serves no purpose other than to be mean. It shows more about them than it does me.”

    The mum – who calls herself the ‘“GILF of your dreams” – joined the racy site in January 2020.

    And she had staggering success early on after pocketing £30,000 in her first month after a video she posted looking for “volunteers” went viral.

    Michelle, who is based in Louisiana, is still enjoying considerable earnings and she believes her success is more important than the opinions of outsiders.

    “It’s been really life changing for me,” she said. “In my first month I had 3,315 fans subscribe to me. For me that was an astronomical amount of people.

    “I couldn’t believe it but I knew it was not going to be like that every month – I’m not Blac Chyna.”

    And speaking to this publication last week, Michelle said she felt a sense of accomplishment for her OnlyFans success.

    However, she said it saddened her that she could not share that joy with her daughter, who no longer speaks with her.

    Michelle said: “I feel a great sense of accomplishment but the sad part for me is that I can’t tell people who I know and love about my success because it would be frowned upon.

    “My family have not spoken to me in years. If I told them about this it would reinforce the belief that 'Michelle is just weird'.

    “I am an oddity and I know that. There are not that many women that are over the age of 60 that do this kind of work.

    “There are some but if you look at the age categories on OnlyFans you will find that most of the people are in their 20s and a lot of people seem to be under the impression that that’s the only age group that should be doing this.”

    And referring to her daughter, now 45, she added: “It pained me a lot in my heart for ten years that my daughter feels so bad about me but she is an adult and adults get to choose who they interact with even if it’s a family member.

    “It’s her choice but it’s also her loss.”

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