Optical illusion has two odd dice – if you spot in 7 secs it means you’re smart

Got what it takes to solve an optical illusion?

Brainteasers can be quite confusing (hence the name), but they're great for testing your abilities.

Some can challenge your perception, while others could provide an insight to how the brain works.

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Now if you think you've got the patience to solve an illusion, see how you get on with this one.

In the image, it shows a lot of multi-coloured dice spread across the turf.

There are two odd dice in the image and you'll need to spot them in 7 seconds.

So… can you do it?

These kind of optical illusions will require you to have observation skills to locate the two odd dice within the time.

But if you manage to complete it in under 7 seconds, it could mean you're pretty smart.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on in the comments section below!

Scroll down for the answer…

If you're still struggling though, try scanning the right and left side of the image.

One is in green and the other is white.

They are odd as all the other dice have one dot facing up.

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