Owen Wilson May Have Fathered A ‘Secret Love Child,’ But Actor Vows To Take Paternity Test

Owen Wilson is a father to two boys, but he may have fathered another child.

Owen Wilson is, by all accounts, a good father to his two sons. He has maintained a great relationship with both of them, despite no longer being romantically involved with their mothers.

However, a new report from the Daily Mail alleges that the actor may have fathered a “secret love child” with a third woman. The actor, however, doesn’t believe that the woman’s child is his, and he’s vowed to take a paternity test to prove he’s “not the father.”

Through a “source,” Owen Wilson confirmed that he has “warm” relationships with the mothers of his sons, and if the DNA test proves that he has, in fact, fathered a third child, he will fulfill all his obligations to this child as well.

His first son, Robert, was born in 2011, and his mother is a former air marshall named Jade Duell. His second child, Finn, was born in 2013 to personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist. There was a lot of drama surrounding his second child’s birth because his baby mama was married to someone else at the time she got pregnant by the actor.

Despite all of this, however, Wilson’s two sons are extremely close as brothers, and Finn “looks up to” Robert and tries to copy everything he does.

At the time, though, Owen Wilson’s second baby mama had a lot of drama surrounding her pregnancy by the actor.

According to a separate report by the Daily Mail, Caroline was married to a doctor at the time she got pregnant by the Cars 3 actor.

Owen Wilson and Caroline Lindqvist had known each other since 2003. At the time they met, they were merely friends. However, when the actor attempted suicide, and subsequently broke up with Kate Hudson, back in 2007, they had a brief but passionate affair.

Reportedly, too, Caroline hoped that Wilson would “settle down” and commit to her when he found out she was pregnant with his child. However, that proved not to be the case.

Caroline’s now-ex-husband, Ritu Chopra, was furious with the revelation, and went running to the press when he realized he wasn’t the father of his now-ex-wife’s child. Caroline begged Ritu not to go forward with the revelation, but he was so angry by the betrayal — and the subsequent filing of divorce — that he chose to go forward with blasting Caroline to the press.

It’s unclear who the mother of Owen Wilson’s third alleged child is, or what the nature of their relationship was.

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