Page 3 girls on how family react to sexy pix – from eager nans to mortified dads

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    Telling your parents that a national newspaper will publish sexy photos of you for the whole country to see is not easy.

    But brave Daily Star Page 3 girls opened up about how their families reacted to their saucy snaps.

    Some have been trolled online but the most important thing is the support of those who love them the most.

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    And we asked six gorgeous models about how their nearest and dearest took to their glam modelling careers.

    First up is former primary school teacher Beth Cowan who quit the classroom when her father suffered a severe injury.

    The 25-year-old, from Newcastle, has always been honest with her family, but admitted that her dad was too mortified to initially buy the paper after her dramatic career switch.

    She told us: “My mam thought it was the best thing in the world because she’s always wanted to do something like that but it just didn’t happen for her.

    “My dad… obviously when I first started doing it, it was topless so he was happy for us but he didn’t want to see.

    “He would purposefully not look but now it’s just bikini shots and stuff so he is now happier to open the paper, bless him. He is over the moon for us.”

    Another babe who has the backing of her parents is Essex stunner Chloe Sheldrake.

    The influencer has wanted to be a Page 3 girl since she was a schoolgirl.

    The 22-year-old has now achieved her dream and as for her family, she said: “They absolutely love it, everyone had to have a copy.

    “One went to nan, of course, she’s kept her copy and thinks it’s a massive achievement.

    “My dad was proud, he thought it was made and told all his builder mates. My mum loved it of course and she tried to get into when she was the same age.”

    Another Chloe with supportive parents is Chloe Chambers who only recently became a Page 3 girl.

    The striking dental nurse is also a boxing ring girl and she works in the VIP lounge at Chelsea Football Club.

    Chloe, 22, was worried about telling her parents about appearing in the paper with her clothes off but their response was comforting.

    She told us: “I was a bit hesitant to tell my dad obviously. But he was absolutely fine about it.

    “He is really encouraging and he will let me do whatever I want to do to follow my dream. He is really supportive and so is my mum.

    “It means the world that they are supportive about it. I don’t have to go there worrying what they are thinking about me because I know they have my back and my mum was really wanting me to do it.”

    Meanwhile, Daily Star Hot Topics panellists and Page 3 favourites Daisy, Jess and Ruby have all spoken about how others perceive their careers.

    Ex-cabin crew member Daisy, 26, is a former Playboy bunny who worked at Hugh Hefner’s Mayfair nightspot.

    She said: “My family are very supportive and my nan buys all the papers that I’m in.

    “She says she keeps battling with her husband because when she changes the guinea pigs hutches outside he brings her the newspaper and she screams ‘not that one – she’s in it! So yeah, very supportive family.”

    Her colleague Jess was just 19 when she applied to be a Page 3 model.

    The model also has a masters in digital marketing and her loved ones are not overly fussed about her racy public pictures.

    Youtuber Jess, 24, said: “My parents don’t really care – and when I say they don’t care, I mean they support me.

    “I don’t ask them for anything and I never have.

    “I think they’d rather I did glamour than be on their case asking for me to lend them money and stuff.”

    Ruby, AKA Love Island star Shannon Singh, was 18 when she was scouted by a modelling agency.

    The Scottish sensation is now 23 and lives in London and she explained how it was her mum who encouraged her to embrace Page 3 after she was struggling with a breakup.

    She said: “My dad used to be a stripper and my mum was actually the reason I got into glamour.

    “She was like ‘you need to take this opportunity – do it’. My mum and dad are so supportive.

    “Obviously my dad’s not jumping for joy that I chose to be a glamour model, but I’m really open and my mum loves it.

    “She’s my little cheerleader – I’m really grateful.”


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