Palm Sunday 2019 greetings: How to mark Palm Sunday tomorrow – best religious wishes

Palm Sunday, which is otherwise known as Passion Sunday, celebrates Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. He rode a donkey there in the days before he was crucified. This year, Palm Sunday will fall on April 14, as Easter Sunday is then celebrated on April 21.

Best religious wishes

– Today is palm Sunday, let’s go to church and hear the words of God. Holy Week na so repent from our sins. May he forgive us. God bless us all. 

– May the spirit of this holy occasion, the warmth of the season make your heart bloom with joy and happiness, have a blessed Palm Sunday.

– I hope Sunday is not the only day of the week you go to God, each Sunday is special but today more so…Happy Palm Sunday!

– The ash placed on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday comes from the palms on Palm Sunday. The rite of burning of the palms is done today. Clap your hands all you people.

People observe the day in many different ways around the world. 

One of the most common ways to celebrate is for people to give out or receive small crosses that are made from palm leaves.

This symbolises a reminder of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem and his death on the cross, according to the Salvation Army.

Christians often keep these crosses in their homes all year as a symbol of the faith. 

But some other people burn the crosses at the end of Palm Sunday, as they will keep the ashes to then use on Ash Wednesday the next year. 

Many religious people take part in processions before church service on the Sunday.

This is to make the journey Jesus took to Jerusalem. 

In many Catholic South American countries and the Philippines, people sometimes reenact the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem.

This involves a priest arriving at the church riding a donkey as people greet him with palm branches. 

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