Pamela Anderson ‘Disgusted’ By Tommy Lee’s Attacks On Sons: Thinks He Acts Like ‘A Petulant Child’ Not A Dad

Pamela Anderson’s horrified by Tommy Lee’s posts about their kids, and she’s not hiding it. She thinks he’s being a big baby over his feud with Brandon!

Pamela Anderson isn’t mincing words when it comes to her ex-husband, Tommy Lee. Pam’s livid that Tommy’s attacking their sons, Brandon and Dylan Lee, on social media, a source close to the Baywatch star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Pam thinks Tommy is showing his true colors and acting more like a petulant child than the father he is supposed to be,” the source said. Damn! Those are some fightin’ words!

Pam’s biggest problem with Tommy (at the moment) is his Father’s Day post about Brandon. Tommy’s been feuding with his son since March, when Brandon allegedly punched him in the face. They sparred on Instagram on June 17, and each posted got nastier than the last. Pam, however, was “disgusted” by Tommy’s decision to mock their kid for his rehab stint, and to give an itemized list of the money he’s allegedly cost him over the years.

“Pam can’t believe that he posted about Brandon undergoing treatment in a rehab center,” the source said. “Brandon is really proud of his sobriety and he doesn’t treat it as some big secret, but that doesn’t mean he wants it announced to the whole world — especially not by his father in an attempt to belittle him. Tommy’s latest attack says it all. It’s like he thinks he should be applauded for paying for Brandon’s rehab and his 21st birthday celebration when, let’s face it, it’s just what a father does.”

This situation saddens Pam, but it really doesn’t surprise her. “Pam believes that Tommy has never been a father to their sons in the true sense, and how could he be? In essence, he’s just a big baby himself.” HollywoodLife has reached out to Pam’s rep for comment on this story.

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