Pauly D Says It's Serious with Aubrey O'Day — She's the Only Girl Who's Ever Met My Daughter!

Despite a brief split last month, Pauly D and Aubrey O’Day are stronger than ever, as he opens up about a milestone in their relationship.

The two met while filming their upcoming E! reality series, "Famously Single," last November … and have been sharing PDA pics all over social media ever since. Though they broke up for a short time back in May, they’ve since rekindled their romance.

"Relationships are tough as it is, but being in a celebrity relationship, it’s even harder," the former "Jersey Shore" star tells toofab’s Brian Particelli of their split. "You have everyone coming at us from every angle, but it benefited us because it let us see and grow even stronger. I feel like now we’re stronger than ever. [It was] just normal relationship stuff, it just so happens we’re in the media with it."

He tells us that their relationship is "really great now," adding that they often travel together when the other has to go somewhere for work.

"The long distance thing is tough, but we’re making it work," says DelVecchio, who often has DJing gigs on the East Coast, as well as a residency in Las Vegas. "Sometimes I’ll spend a week in L.A with her, she’ll spend a week in Vegas with me. It’s like mini vacations!"

To prove how devoted he is about his main girl, he even introduced her to his mother and daughter Amabella, who he shares with a VIP hostess with whom he had a one-night stand.

"[It was a] huge deal for me, that’s how you know I’m really taking it seriously," Pauly says. "If she meets my mothers and my daughter, the two main women in my life … no one has ever met my daughter yet, she was the first one to meet her. That’s what I was looking for, so I’m really glad I went on the show to meet her."

While the reality series was supposed to simply provide its stars with advice on how to navigate the dating world, Pauly and Aubrey struck up something neither of them expected. In fact, in the first episode, O’Day actually says there’s "no substance" to him.

"It’s funny because right off the bat, I didn’t think that I was going to connect with her either because I really wasn’t going there to connect with people inside the house," he explains now. "I thought I would connect with people outside and learn how to date. But we ended up developing this connection."

Now that they’re going strong, the plan is to live together at his place when she’s in Sin City and her place whenever he visits Los Angeles.

Aside from the upcoming reality show, Pauly has also been hard at work producing new music. He just released a single with Tdot illdude called "Did You Know?"take a listen to it here.

For more from DelVecchio, watch the full interview above — as he gives us an update on his "Jersey Shore" costars and reveals how often he sees them now that the show’s over.

Also check out the video below to see what O’Day told us about her beau … and whether she thinks he’s the one!

"Famously Single" premieres June 14 on E!

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