People are only just realising that post boxes have a hidden bottom

There are many things in day to day life that we do not give a second thought about – like post boxes for example.

But that has now changed as people are only just realising something quite shocking about the iconic red metal boxes that line the streets of Britain.

In a viral post that has now racked up 35,000 likes, Twitter user @fecklessfox100 explained: “Today is the day I learnt that they’re not just attached to the floor!”

Most people assume that post boxes are fixed to the ground and end at the red coloured metal.

But, that would be wrong.

In fact, post boxes have extensions beneath the iconic red objects that secure them. It makes them a lot longer than first thought.

The Twitter user shared a snap of three red post boxes that have been removed from the ground which reveals the extension.

Stunned at the post box revelation, many people fled to the comments to share their reactions to the shocking discovery.

One person commented: “I’m shocked!”

Another user added: “My heads just fell off.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Well that explains why i couldn't tip them over when i was a kid… one day though… one day…”

Someone else shared: “Well, you learn something new every day!”

Meanwhile, a fifth person noted: “My whole life is a lie.”

Let us know in the comments if you knew that post boxes actually looked like this!

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