People share pictured of their 'malfunctioning' dogs goofing around

Woofs going on? Owners share hilarious snaps of their dogs goofing around that will leave YOU howling with laughter

  • Dog lovers shared pictures of their pups striking strange poses on Bored Panda 
  • A dog completely lost it when its owner scratched its head with a massage claw
  • Other pups captured doing the splits in the kitchen or crouching in their beds 

Pet lovers have shared hilarious photos of their pets striking very strange poses that make them look like they’re ‘malfunctioning.’

People from North American and Europe chimed in with hilarious pictures of their dogs, which were shared on the trivia website Bored Panda. 

In one snap, a dog could be seen doing the splits in the kitchen while in another, a pup sat in their dog bed like a human. 

In another picture, a Corgi who was done with its walk decided to pose dramatically on their head in the street. 

People from America and Europe have shared hilarious pictures of their dogs. Pictured: a pup singing and playing the piano very aggressively 

In British Columbia, the owner of this pug joked they were double-jointed, because of the peculiar way they slept 

This fluffy Corgi decided to give up on their walk in the most dramatic fashion imaginable, pictured

One dog owner from Luxembourg explained their pet, Floki, was the ‘King of weird positions’ after sharing this hilarious picture of the pup 

By the looks of it, this pup really enjoyed the head massage he got with this metal scratcher, pictured

This Golden Retriever from India decided to discreetly do a split to pass the time in his owner’s kitchen

Nobody looks good when they sleep, but this pup from American took it to a whole other level 

This very fashionable British dog made a hat of their torn football and seemed pretty pleased with it 

Ozzy, a little American hairless spotted dog, sits in a very human-like fashion when he relaxes at home 

A very bendy Whippet rom the US was captured by their owner mid-jump while they were out playing ball

Things took a dark turn for this fluffy white dog when its husky pal decided to much on its ear, pictured 

This black pup from Australia loves nothing more than to split her legs every time she sits, her owner revealed 

In the US, a dog took it upon itself to check out their owner’s new car’s nets with its mouth, pictured

This American dog looks like it’s had a long day at the office and is readying for an evening of relaxation 

This little pup likes to crouch in their dog bed instead of adopting a sleeping position like a normal dog  

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