People whose photoshop attempts have gone VERY wrong

You’re not fooling us! People whose photoshop attempts have gone VERY wrong – from ghostly complexions to cartoon-like eyes

  • Photoshop fails are not uncommon these days as many enhance photos virtually
  • Mistakes include a contorted body shape or overly enhanced facial features
  • Defused and Visual Chase have collated some of the top photoshop fails
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These days it’s not uncommon to give ourselves a little nip and tuck via a clever app on our phones.

Photoshop and airbrushing is easier than ever with countless tools available that can change parts of our appearance with the touch of a button.

In fact, the frequency with which we edit photos has ignited a debate in recent years about beauty standards as some argue we set a bad example for younger generations, passing off enhanced, airbrushed looks as our real features.

However, some photoshop jobs are easier to spot than others, and many have fallen foul of going a little bit too far with their virtual makeovers.

Defused and Visual Chase have collated some of the funniest photoshop fails ever shared on social media, from unusual body shapes to eyes that are a little too big for people’s faces.

When photoshop goes wrong! Many people are guilty of using photoshop apps to give themselves a little virtual nip and tuck, but sometimes they can go a little too far – such as this gentleman from Croatia, who might have altered his features a bit too much


This US woman has a theme in her photoshop preferences – big, shiny eyes and heavy highlights on her nose and brow bones – but she may have gone overboard a bit

That doesn’t look right! This young woman has altered her body so vigorously that she has ended up stretching herself upwards

We all love to see a then-and-now transformation, but frankly, we’re not convinced by this young man’s new look

Not so booty-licious: It’s become commonplace for women to fake Kardashian curves but this woman’s reflection is a lot more deflated. Embrace your natural figure!

Groom of Chucky – We don’t know if this woman is posing next to her husband or a terrifying wax figure in this US park picture

Are you hiding tennis balls in there? This wavey tennis court suggests some Photoshop has been applied

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