Peston wife: ITV presenter’s ‘guilt’ on finding love after wife died

Robert Peston, 61, the political editor of ITV News and now the face of his own magazine show, has been open about his experience of finding love again after becoming a widower almost 10 years ago.

Peston has been in a relationship with Charlotte Edwardes, a fellow journalist, since around 2018.

However, when Peston revealed his relationship with Edwardes, he disclosed the “guilt” he felt at finding love again, six years after his wife died.

Peston’s wife, Siân Busby, was an author who wrote five books.

The couple had one son, Max, and were married for 14 years before Sian died of lung cancer in 2012, at the age of 51.

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With the couple’s son turning 15 around the same time Sian was dying, Peston described needing to “get on” and be there for the couple’s son and Peston’s step-son – Sian’s son from a previous marriage, in an interview with the Daily Mail.

In the same interview, Peston described how further tragedy struck at Christmas just months after Sian’s death when the family home was burgled and Sian’s rings, which he had been saving for her two boys, were taken.

Shortly afterwards, Peston developed reactive arthritis and became so unwell he had to be hospitalised.

He put his sudden bout of illness due to the stress he was under at that time.

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Peston had no choice but to give himself a break and get some rest, but was soon back at the BBC, where he was business editor at the time.

Around this time, Peston also took it upon himself to finish typing up the novel Sian had been working on before her death, A Commonplace Killing, which was published two years posthumously in 2014.

Years later, in a rare candid interview with the Sunday Times, Peston revealed when he returned to work as a widower, he would be contacted by “predatory” women.

Peston also opened up about having sought grief counselling after his wife’s death.

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He sought advice from his counsellor when he met Charlotte Edwardes, as he still felt as though in some way this was disloyal to Sian.

However, Edwardes made Peston feel at ease.

Peston has described how Edwardes didn’t know who he was when they met, because she was parenting her three children around the time he shot to fame leading the BBC’s coverage of the financial crisis.

This reassured Peston she was nothing like the “predatory” women who had followed his career obsessively.

He said she was “not remotely interested in me as a widower or because of what I do for a living”.

The pair had briefly worked at the Telegraph at the same time years earlier, but didn’t get to know each other until later, when they met at a Christmas party.

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