PHOTOS: Baby Sloth Celebrates 1st Birthday with Cake, Cards and Cuteness

No matter how slow you move, the years roll by just the same. Which means Viven the Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth is now … 1! On Tuesday, Viven, who lives at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary, marked her 1st birthday with a big party the next day. 

All of the slowpoke’s fans and favorite keepers were there to celebrate the hairy baby girl. Guests to the zoo filled a giant card will well wishes for the beloved zoo resident and watched as Viven enjoyed her cake.

Unlike many kids, Viven didn’t want a sugary cake covered in frosting. She opted for a vegetable cake topped with tasty flowers and a number 1 cut out of her favorite snack: sweet potato.

Viven did a lot in her first year of life, filling the past 365 days with naps, snacks, climbs and visits. The sloth also started her work as an animal ambassador for the zoo, helping children learn about the rainforests and how they can protect the animals and plants that live there.

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As for year two, Viven doesn’t plan to change much. According to the National Aviary, you can expect her to continue eating and educating her way through 2019.

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