Photos capture the moments hapless people showed NO common sense

What WERE they thinking? Photos capture the moments hapless people showed NO common sense – and the results are hilarious

  • These hilarious photos illustrate how some people lack basic common sense 
  • Otherwise intelligent people came unstuck when they didn’t stop and think 
  • One driver was snapped trying to drag an oversized Ikea box behind her car 

Even the most intelligent people have had times when common sense simply escapes them. 

So spare a thought but these individuals who had those unfortunate moments caught on camera.

People from around the world were snapped in awkward, bizarre and downright baffling situations after failing to apply basic logic.

One woman was seen struggling to attach an oversized Ikea package to the back of her car, apparently intent on dragging it down the road.  

Meanwhile a delivery driver left a family trapped in their home after placing their parcel directly beneath their front door handle. 

The images were shared on Bored Panda. Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the best examples…  

‘If I just push a little harder…’ This man seemed determined to fit his cabinet in the back seat

Snowed in: The owner of this soft-top vehicle will be full of regret at not putting up their roof 

A real melting pot: This chef did everything they could to try and speed up the rice cooker

Trapped! This delivery driver inadvertently locked a customer into their apartment 

Self-delivery: This Ikea shopper was willing to do whatever it took to avoid delivery costs

Confused? This woman appeared to be trying to pump her tyres using a fire hydrant

Locked in: These keys were never going to be much use while attached to the lock

Worth it for the picture: This posing diner accidentally ruined her own meal

Every inch helps: This woman wanted to get a little closer to the eclipse, a neighbour claims

Talk about being stuck in traffic: This impatient driver accidentally drove into fresh cement 

Didn’t compute: One laptop owner tried to clean his keyboard keys by soaking them in water 

Who needs a car wash? A driver claimed this woman was trying to clean her car with petrol 

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