Pictures reveal how Meghan Markle blossomed year by year

My, hasn’t she changed! From a smiley toddler clutching her favourite toy to her regal wave as a princess-to-be… the Mail looks at how Meghan Markle has blossomed year by year

Since the announcement that Meghan Markle was dating Prince Harry in November 2016, the American actress has become one of the most photographed women in the world.

She has graced the front pages of many national and international newspapers and magazines, and her wedding in Windsor tomorrow is one of the most highly anticipated events of the decade.

Photos from her childhood reveal her shining in a school play aged 14, and posing with her first boyfriend at a high school Christmas dance in 1997.

Other snaps show her posing with her parents, Thomas and Doria, or with her friend Ninaki Priddy outside Buckingham Palace aged 15.

Later photos show her in her first movie part in A Lot Like Love opposite Ashton Kutcher, and with her ex-husband Trevor Engelson who she married in 2011. 

Here, the Daily Mail runs through Meghan Markle’s life year by year through intimate family pictures – showing her blossoming from a toddler, clutching her favourite toy, to her regal wave as a princess-to-be…

1981: It’s August 4, and in LA, TV lighting director Thomas Markle proudly holds his newborn child. Hand in hand with destiny?

1982: At six months, Meghan is already loving the lens. Parents Thomas and Doria dote on her. Right – 1983: Meghan, aged two, balances a child’s plate with perfect deportment

1984: With her favourite toy, three-year-old Meghan grants a regal wave in this family snap. Right – 1985: A pigtailed Meghan in the playground. Life is blissful for the four-year-old

1986: Dressed up for an aunt’s wedding, five-year-old Meghan has just started at school. Right – 1987: Sadly, Meghan’s parents divorce when she is six. She lives mainly with Doria, an air hostess

1988: A halloween costume with Meghan, aged seven, dressed as TV hostess Elvira

1989: Cradling her baby cousin Donovan aged eight. Relatives say that she is a natural with children. Right – 1990: At friend Ninaki Priddy’s ninth birthday party. The pair are ‘like sisters’ for decades

1991: The T-shirt says it all. Aged ten on the set of Married With Children, where her dad works. Right – 1992: On her 11th birthday Meghan is quite the tomboy, but the megawatt smile is back

1993: Aged 12 at the Immaculate Heart School, LA. Teachers recall her as ‘bright and compassionate’. Right – 1994: A year on, Meghan has lost the puppy fat. She has also begun doing voluntary work at a soup kitchen on LA’s Skid Row

1995: Shining in a school play aged 14. One teacher remembers: ‘She could play any character . . . she was really good’

1996: Hello world! At 15, a trip to Europe with Ninaki Priddy takes in Buckingham Palace. Right – 1997: Meghan, 16, poses with first boyfriend Luis Segura at a high school Christmas dance

1998: Christmas frolics with her pal Cecilia Donnellan. Meghan, 17, is voted school prom queen. Right – 1999: Meghan’s high school graduation ceremony. Her next stop is Northwestern University

2000: The 19-year-old drama student at a party with her dad Thomas and cousin Trish Gallup. Right – 2001: Meghan, 20, loves student life in Chicago, adding African-American studies to her course

2002: Sunbathing in Las Vegas with her old friend Ninaki Priddy

2003: Meghan has graduated, but before heading back to LA, the 22-year-old repaints her digs. Right – 2004: You’re hired! At 23, the actress lands a small role in the TV series Century City

2005: Her first movie part. With Hollywood heartthrob Ashton Kutcher, she films A Lot Like Love. The title credits list her as ‘Hot girl’

2006: Saucy! As a maid in crime drama CSI: New York. The 25-year is still looking for her big break. Right – 2007: Well, it’s work: Meghan as a hostess on TV quiz Deal Or No Deal

2008: The Markle sparkle is on show as Meghan, 27, attends an Emmy Award celebration in Los Angeles. Right – 2009: Living the designer life. Meghan, 28, shows off her gift bags at a Beverly Hills awards bash

2010: Fun in a photo booth at members-only Soho House in LA, a favourite haunt of Meghan, 29

2011: After dating him for seven years, 30-year-old Meghan weds film producer Trevor Engelson. Right – 2012: With her hit TV role in Suits, the 31-year-old spends her time filming in Toronto

2013: Now 32, Meghan divorces Trevor Engelson. But she’s still busy with movie and TV work. Right – 2014: Her new beau is Canadian chef Cory Vitiello. At 33, she launches lifestyle website The Tig

2015: Sophisticated, successful and a fashion icon, Meghan seems to have it all . . .

2016: Meghan meets Harry at a Toronto club. Her appearance at Wimbledon sparks rumours. Right – 2017: It’s official. In September they appear in public for the first time at Toronto’s Invictus Games

2018: At 36, the girl with a regal wave is marrying a Prince — and making history, too

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