If Pippa's Royal Wedding Dress Makes You Thirsty, This Is Why

Twitter erupted with talk that Pippa’s mint dress looked like the green tea bottle

If you were watching the royal wedding and saw Pippa Middleton arrive, thinking “where have I seen that dress pattern before?” you weren’t alone. Twitter blew up when someone pointed out that Pippa’s mint-colored dress resembled the cherry blossoms on the can and bottle of Arizona Iced Tea’s green tea.

One Twitter user supposed that maybe Middleton had an Arizona Iced Tea sponsorship for Meghan and Harry’s wedding, says Daily Mail.

“Pippa Middleton sponsored by Arizona #RoyalWedding (credit to my father).”

Pippa, the sister of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who attended the wedding with her husband James Matthews and her parents, is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, also wore a similar shade of green, but without the cherry blossoms, it didn’t scream Arizona.

The style of Pippa’s silk dress is called the “Hepburn (as in Audrey)” by a British company called The Fold, reports People. It was supposed that Middleton was going for Audrey Hepburn demure and not a thirst-quenching beverage, but Twitter was hysterical and relentless.

“Pippa got you feelin’ thirsty?! Stop by the Great Buy 99 Pop-Up for a free can of the real thing!”

Charlotte Sutcliffe-Smith, who does PR for The Fold confirmed that Pippa’s dress is not a maternity dress. Still, the company was thrilled that she wore it to the royal wedding.

“We are absolutely delighted she has worn it.”

Most royal watchers had to strain to see any baby bump at all in the pleated silk day dress. Middleton had reportedly hoped to be pregnant at the same time as her sister Kate, but she missed that by a few months.

Pippa Middleton had been a standout at the wedding of Prince William and Kate when the world got a glimpse of her backside in a fitted white bridesmaid’s gown, and now she is drawing attention for a much more amusing reason.

The Twitter jokes varied between people saying that the resemblance between Pippa’s dress and a can of iced tea were “uncanny” while others said that once you see the Arizona print on the dress, you can’t unsee it.

One Utah bridal shop said that you might have seen something similar to Pippa’s dress at the gas station.

“If Pippa Middleton’s dress looks familiar to you, it might be from your last trip to the gas station. The dress is no doubt stunning, but it also happens to look just like an Arizona Green Tea can.”

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