Plus size babe admits she’s not ‘confident’ all the time as she stuns in bikini

Pregnant plus size influencer Megan Kim has confessed that she does not feel “confident” all of the time but has learnt to “laugh” off her insecurities.

The stunner, who is 16 weeks pregnant, regularly shares body positive posts to her 24,000 Instagram followers.

Megan often oozes confidence as she is not shy about stripping down to a bikini or a sexy lingerie set – with all her gorgeous curves on show.

But in a recent post, the brunette babe has opened up about how she isn’t as confident than she always looks.

The mum-to-be has confessed that she is “tired” of putting her energy into focusing on how she looks and finds herself seeing her body in a negative light.

However, Megan has learnt just how to cope with not feeling great all of the time.

In a snap posted to Instagram, the influencer posed in a straw hat as she rocked a matching floral bikini set that accentuated her full chest.

Megan sported a bare face which showcased her natural beauty as she stood on a balcony whist she holidayed in Malaga, Spain.

The self-love babe added a lengthy caption to help her doting fans accept their own bodies like she has hers.

She said: “If we get the opportunity to take a break or do something we enjoy, either by ourselves or with the people we love – how we look really isn’t the most important thing. I’m tired of focussing most of my energy on obsessing over how I look, and missing out on the more important moments.

“Sure, I’m pretty confident with how I look – but I don’t feel that way all the time. There were moments on this holiday that I thought:

  • “Wow my hair is a state

  • “My skin isn’t too great today

  • “This outfit doesn’t do me many favours

  • “Gosh I am gaining weight aren’t I

  • “I feel a bit like a frizzy haired pale potato."

Megan then shared how she deals with intrusive thoughts regarding her appearance.

She said: “But I’d laugh, cause it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t here to look my best 24/7, be the best looking person by the pool or be on a constant mission of seducing Joe in a moment of passion (which quite frankly I cannot be arsed with most of the time).

“I was here to relax, read, have a swim, go to the zoo and enjoy myself. Have a laugh, eat some food and joke about how shit scared I am of what’s to come.

“Yeah ok there were times where I looked banging, but that ain’t all the time."

She urged her fans: “Life isn’t about just how we look. Being confident and accepting yourself isn’t about thinking you look amazing all of the time. It’s realising that there is way way way more to life and to us than our looks.

“Let’s give more of a f*** about things that matter in that moment.”

In awe of Megan’s body positive display, many people fled to the comments to praise her.

One person commented: “Well said Megan.”

Another user added: “That’s the way to do it.”

Whilst a third person praised: “It doesn't matter if you have a few pounds too much or if you are slim. It doesn't matter if you are tall or short. It is important that you are happy the way you are.”

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