Police hunt for middle-aged woman after car-keying spree on upmarket street

A middle-aged woman went on a rampage of destruction, scratching ten cars on an upmarket street.

The vandal calmly strolled down the road damaging one vehicle after another on Easter Monday afternoon.

Her first target was a red Mini Cooper.

She then stopped to put on earphones and play with her phone before keying another black 4×4 parked nearby.

David Williams, 25, who had his BMW 2 Series scratched outside his brother’s house, said: “My brother has CCTV which caught this woman in the act.

“Ten cars were keyed including mine.”

Back in February, mum-of-three Sarah McCormack, 45, caught what appears to be the same woman repeatedly scratching her black BMW X5.

She said: “On our CCTV you can see her scratching the car and then walking back up the road and doing it again.

“I walked up our road and she had done it to five more cars. I am shocked at such behaviour from a grown woman.”

Mum-of-one Gemma Nelson also had her Range Rover Evoque damaged.

Police said they were investigating the damage in Sutton Coldfield, West Mids.

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