Prince Charles and Meghan Markle bond over ‘love of art and culture’

Meghan’s ‘close bond’ with Charles: How a shared love of art and culture has brought the pair together – and the Duchess has even helped Harry heal his relationship with his father

  • Prince Charles, 70, and Duchess of Sussex, 37, share a ‘close bond’, insiders say
  • Prince of Wales has been educating the Duchess on royal family history
  • The pair get on so well because they share an interest in  art and culture
  • Charles walked Meghan down the aisle on her wedding day in May 2018 

She’s impressed the Queen with her ‘stamina’ by taking on a royal tour while heavily pregnant, and it seems the Duchess of Sussex has also won over her father-in-law Prince Charles since joining the royal family.  

Prince Charles, 70, and Meghan Markle, 37, share a ‘close bond’, a royal insider told The Telegraph, which has grown since the former Suits actress married Prince Harry in May last year, thanks to their shared interest in history, art and culture.

According to the source, Charles has been acting as Meghan’s ‘mentor’ by educating her on royal and constitutional history. 

‘The Duchess has shown a genuine interest in learning more about the history of the family she has married into, and her father-in-law has been delighted to impart his knowledge,’ the explained. 

Meghan and Charles will be seen together today at a lunch reception hosted by the Queen to mark 50 years since Charles’ investiture as the Prince of Wales. 

Prince Charles and his daughter-in-law Meghan, seen together at a Buckingham Palace garden party in May 2018, share a shared bond, after connecting over their mutual interest in art, cutlure and history 

The 70-year-old royal walked the Duchess down the aisle at her wedding in May 2018, and their closeness has been growing ever since 

According to insiders, Meghan has also helped Harry to forge a closer relationship with his father. Charles, Camilla, Harry and Meghan pictured together at a Buckingham Palace garden party in May 2018  

Insiders have also suggested that Meghan has helped to improve the relationship with Charles and Harry, after experiencing her own rift with her father Thomas Markle. 

The relationship became strained during the summer of 2017 when Charles felt his role in helping the boys through losing their mother was airbrushed out during commemorations marking 20 years since her death. 

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But Meghan has reportedly since helped the pair to ‘reconnect’, and advised Harry to ‘look after the loving parent you have left’.  

The pair seemed to share a few secret words before they linked arms and walked towards the altar at Meghan and Harry’s wedding in May last year 

Sources have previously suggested that Charles bonded with Meghan over her family dramas, and was impressed with how she has coped with her relatives’ embarrassing outbursts.

One of his inner circle said the Prince recognised the House of Windsor has, like the Markle clan, endured ‘so many traumas and crises… and many divorces’ of its own.

A separate source previously told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Because there’s been bad behaviour that’s caused problems in his family, Charles understands how difficult it must be for Meghan. And it has endeared her to him even more.’

Camilla has also warmed to Meghan as a fellow ‘outsider’, according to royal experts.

‘Camilla goes out of her way to find time to spend with her, to get to know her and make her feel welcome,’ a source previously reported.  

Meghan and Charles catching up at Royal Ascot in June 2019. According to sources, the prince has been teaching the former actress about constitutional and royal history 

Duchess Camilla is also very fond of Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Charles. The trio can be seen giggling with one another at Royal Ascot last year

Charles and Meghan’s close relationship was evident at the royal wedding last year, as Harry’s father gave her away at the ceremony in the absence of her father Thomas Markle. 

The marital ceremony is said to be the moment that cemented Charles and Meghan’s strong bond, but also brought Harry and his father closer. 

A third source told Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl: ‘Charles showed so much love towards Harry and Meghan, and I think Harry will be eternally grateful to his papa for stepping in and giving Meghan’s hand in marriage. The bond between them is very close.’ 

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