Prince Charles Will Confront Pal About Nasty Attack On Meghan Markle

What a nightmare for Prince Harry. The relentless attacks on the woman he loves remind him of the war on his mother Princess Diana.

Prince Charles‘ friend, Nicky, publicly recently said some nasty things about Meghan Markle and her family and now the Prince is planning on taking action and confronting him about his harsh remarks. “Prince Charles will definitely be stepping in to have a word with Nicky about his comments concerning Meghan and her family, as it’s just not on,” a palace insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Charles has been pretty disturbed by a lot of the press recently, and he thinks there’s been a definite snobby undertone to some of the reporting, albeit very subtle.”

With all that snobby reporting that’s been going on, in addition to Meghan, Prince Harry has also largely been affected by it and all the scrutiny unfortunately reminds him of his late mother Princess Diana‘s tough life that ultimately led to her death in 1997. “Harry has also been concerned over the seemingly never ending stream of negative stories about Meghan, it really does upset him, and he worries that the media are trying to tear apart Meghan, just like they did his mum, Diana,” the insider continued.Charles and Harry may be limited when it comes to their influence over what runs in the newspapers and magazines, but they can try to control, to a degree, what their friends and family are feeding to the press, and with that in mind, you can guarantee Nicky will be getting a very firm talking to from Charles.”

It’s definitely good to know that Meghan’s new family members have her back! Being a royal seems to have its ups and downs so it’s important that Meghan gets the support she needs from the people who know about it best. The brunette beauty seems to still be learning about all the rules that come with being a royal. From PDA with Harry to how to sit in front of Queen Elizabeth, it’s certainly understandable that it may take some time for her to take on the protocol like its second nature.

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