Princes William & Harry Get Along ‘Just Fine,’ As Do Their Wives, Despite Royal Feud Rumors

All is well with the royal family! A royal insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that ‘the brothers get along just fine!’

Despite recent previous reporting that Prince Harry, 34, and his wife Meghan Markle, 37, have been drifting from Prince William, 36, and Kate Middleton, 37, due to a multitude of reasons – a royal insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that that isn’t the case at all. “Becoming a new father is bringing Harry closer to William, not further away,” our source revealed EXCLUSIVELY. “The brothers get along just finedespite minor sibling squabbles over the years. They have had disagreements on small things, like any close brothers do, but Meghan’s pregnancy, along with Harry and Meghan’s move to a new home [Windsor’s Frogmore Cottage], have given them healthier space, bringing the brothers closer together. They have a strong, special bond, as do their wives, and everything is awesome in the family, they are all very excited about the new addition coming to the family and any report to the contrary is just wrong.”

The insider added that, “Everything that is being said about the Royals and how they are in random feuds is absolute hogwash. It’s laughable for the most part, but also rather annoying to deal with the constant lies that Harry, Will, Meghan, and Kate always have to deal with, but they completely understand that is their life so they aren’t letting it get to them too much. Sometimes when the upsetting relationship issues or philandering rumors make the papers, that is troubling because at the end of the day, they are human and who wants to hear lies about themselves. But things are good, everyone is in a happy place and everyone is very excited to see Harry and Meghan start a family. Good spirits all around!”

Our royal insider source continued, “The rumors about Meghan causing a big feud between Harry and his bother are very upsetting for Meghan, it threw her for a loop at first.” They continued, “She felt like that came out of nowhere and it was very hurtful. But she’s come to grips with it, Harry was a big help because he just doesn’t let those kind of things get to him.  He was so unbothered by the rumors that it did help Meghan get over it.”

As previously reported, Prince Harry and Meghan moved out of Kensington Palace, and into their own place. The couple, who wed on May 19, 2018, are expecting their first child this spring. HollywoodLife reached out to Prince Harry and Prince William’s reps for comment.

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