Princess Diana's Most Memorable Outfits

Diana, Princess of Wales, will always be remembered for her philanthropy and her uncanny ability to stay relate-able even though she was a royal. But the People’s Princess also had a passion for fashion and always made an impact when the cameras were pointed towards her. From the frilly wedding gown to the infamous “Elvis dress” (see page 14) here are 15 of Princess Diana’s most memorable outfits.

1. Introducing: The ring

The blue suit Diana wore when she and Prince Charles announced their engagement is easily one of her most memorable ensembles. The occasion also marks the first time the public got to see her now-infamous sapphire ring, which she displayed proudly in her engagement photos. (That ring, of course, has been passed on to Kate Middleton.)

2. Engagement ensembles

Many of Diana’s ensembles during her time as a royal — especially early on — featured a plethora of ruffles and frills, like this one she wore at Broadlands during her engagement. Although later it was revealed she dressed this way to fit in with royal family standards. Her personal style, which was much more streamlined, came out more after her divorce from Prince Charles.

3. Wedding (dress) of the Century

The Princess of Wales was the talk of the town — the whole globe actually — when she married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981. Her large Emanuel wedding dress and gargantuan train were left to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, in her will.

4. Globetrotting in style

Traveling all over the world can be a grueling feat, but that doesn’t mean the royals can stop looking stylish. Diana rocked a sleek, warm-weather-friendly frock when she and Prince Charles made a quick trip to Fiji in the middle of visits to Australia and the United States.

5. Her first trip to the USA

Princess Diana was noted as being “very charming” when she made her inaugural visit to the United States with Prince Charles to meet President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan. Her sleek black dress became one of her most memorable outfits — in part because she was wearing it when she danced with John Travolta.

6. Pretty in periwinkle

Diana’s appearance at the Victoria & Albert Museum exhibit “Splendours of the Gonzagas” in 1981 is memorable for two reasons. The first, of course, was for the beautiful Bellville Sassoon dress she wore. The second was because she dozed off while sitting onstage.

7. Attending fashion shows

Princess Diana’s passion for fashion was apparent in everything she wore — but especially when she attended fashion-focused events. One great example is when she attended a fashion show at Guildhall in London with her ladies-in-waiting, wearing a stunning blue Bruce Oldfield number.

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8. Introducing: Prince William

Diana’s first son, Prince William, was the first in the royal bloodline to be born at a hospital instead of at home. So naturally, there was press waiting outside of St. Mary’s Hospital to greet them. Her polka-dot frock instantly became memorable.

9. Introducing: Prince Harry

Princess Diana’s style evolved over her time in the spotlight to incorporate more statement jackets. This was evident when she emerged from St. Mary’s Hospital with newborn Prince Harry in 1984 wearing a stylish red Jan van Velden blazer.

10. The birthday girl

Diana’s 36th birthday celebration at London’s Tate Gallery in 1997 was her last before she tragically passed away. She was a year removed from her divorce from Prince Charles and was doing what she could to put her troubled married years behind her. She looked stunning in the process, donning a Chantilly lace gown by Jacques Azagury which the designer had given her as a birthday gift.

11. At the Cannes Film Festival

Late fashion designer Catherine Walker was one of Diana’s go-tos for red carpet events and other big happenings. This included the ethereal sleeveless blue chiffon dress the Princess of Wales wore at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987.

12. Attending the Ascot

When she wasn’t rocking a tiara, Diana could often be found wearing a variety of awesome hats. She was particularly keen to bright colors for balcony appearances or trips to the races — and the blue-and-yellow ensemble she wore at Royal Ascot in 1987 is definitely a standout.

13. At the Elysee

Keeping up with royal duties, two children, and the stress of being in an unhappy marriage never dulled Diana’s sparkle. Here she’s seen with Prince Charles during a tour of France in 1988, looking regal as ever in a Victor Edelstein dress for dinner in the Elysee Palace in Paris.

14. The ‘Elvis’ Dress

While the chiffon gown at the Cannes Film Festival was a hit, Catherine Walker’s beaded white gown with matching bolero may be even more iconic. Diana wore the frock, which she infamously dubbed her “Elvis dress”, to the British Fashion Awards at Royal Albert Hall in 1989.


While many of Diana’s most memorable outfits were worn at royal engagements, she also made headlines for wearing more casual attire when hanging out with her sons. But the trio had a memorable fashion-forward family moment while attending the V-J Day 50th anniversary celebration in 1995, when Diana donned a clean-cut white dress suit and pearls.

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