Princess Victoria of Sweden takes part in the Home Guard training

Princess reporting for duty! Victoria of Sweden dons military uniform and takes aim with a gun as she takes part in exercises with the Swedish Home Guard

  • Princess Victoria of Sweden, 44, took part in training for Swedish Home Guard 
  • She wore an uniform as she immersed herself in the training in Salenfjallen
  • She checked out the squad’s weapons and met their German Shepherd dog  

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden looked laser-focused as she took part in an army training exercise today. 

Victoria, 44, wore a regulation uniform in Salenfjallen to meet the Swedish Home Guard and take part in their exercise this morning. 

The mother-of-two learned to handle the squad’s weapons and followed the soldiers’ lead during a training exercise she took very seriously. 

She also took the time to give the Guard’s German Shepherd some well-deserved cuddles. 

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, 44, wore a regulation uniform in Salenfjallen to meet the Swedish Home Guard and take part in their exercise this morning, pictured

The royal, who was wearing an uniform complete with hat and gloves, took the exercise very seriously

It was a no-thrill day for Victoria who wore a fit-for-purpose uniform, complete with combat boots and hat. 

Her dark tresses were styled in a neat bun under her cap, and she sported a very natural makeup, with just a dash of mascara and a very light touch of foundation. 

The royal, who is first in line for Sweden’s throne, listened carefully to the members of the Guards who talked her through the key points of the exercise. 

A guard showed her how to handle one of their rifles and other weapons ahead of the training. 

The mother-of-two showed her soft side and gave the guard’s German Shepherd a cuddle after the exercise 

Soldiers led by a dog completed the exercise, with Victoria following their every move, pictured 

The princess is no stranger to military training and has worked with the Home Guard several time in her royal life

Reporting for duty! Victoria stood to attention during the training in Salenfjallen this morning, pictured

Victoria, who is no strangers to military exercises, having attended several throughout her life as a royal, expertly took aim, before handing back the weapons. 

She then took part in the mock manoeuvre and followed the lead of the guards around her, crouching and signalling like a pro. 

After the exercise was over, the royal, who seemed in great spirits, took the time to pet the German Shepherd who guided her squad during the manoeuvre. 

It has been a busy summer for Victoria, who welcomed a new nephew when her brother Prince Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia gave birth to Prince Julian in the Spring. 

She attended the newest Swedish royal’s christening in August alongside her husband Prince Daniel. 48, and their two children Princess Estelle, nine and Prince Oscar, five. 

The mother-of-two listened carefully to the instruction of the tea, during the army manoeuvre today, pictured

Victoria was quick to learn the techniques the Swedish Home Guard use while on duty, pictured 

A soldier carefully showed Victoria how to handle weapons during the exercise today, pictured 

Victoria listened carefully during the training this morning, which she took very seriously, pictured

The royal, who was wearing a cap, accompanied the guard on their exercise, but was not armed 

The Crown Princess followed a group of three soldiers and a dog as they patrolled the woods during the exercise 

The mother-of-two smiled and chatted with the soldier as she got first-hand experience on what they do today 

Victoria flashed an understanding smile during the training as she quietly listened to the instruction

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