Priyanka Chopra Has Set Sail on Her Bachelorette Weekend

Though it could have gotten off to a rocky start if Priyanka Chopra had judged Nick Jonas by his first text, their relationship—and now engagement—is proceeding full steam ahead. After an extravagant bridal shower at Tiffany’s Blue Box Café last weekend (Priyanka dressing up as a bride in Marchesa while everyone else was out celebrating Halloween), the bride-to-be swiftly departed on a bachelorette party weekend abroad.

On Saturday morning, she posted the first photo from the extended getaway to her Instagram. “#Bachelorette Vibes,” she captioned the image, in which she beams against the glare of the sun in a bride-to-be-casual ivory sweater with feather embellishments. Her engagement ring, which Jonas reportedly shut down a London Tiffany & Co. to acquire, is naturally front and center.

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As seen in other posts under the #PCsbachelorette hashtag, the yacht-borne party is making its way through Amsterdam; on board, there are ample snacks on tiered platters, abundant bouquets of pink roses, Champagne, and balloons in gold and pink. Chopra’s close friend, the Indian filmmaker Srishti Behl Arya, has also been posting glimpses of the fête to her Instagram stories. (While the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Kelly Ripa, and Kevin Jonas’s whole immediate family also attended the bridal shower, it’s not clear who else has joined Chopra on her bachelorette getaway.)

According to Hindustan Times, the Chopra-Jonas wedding is currently scheduled for December 2 in Jodhpur, at the Mehrangarh Fort—a 15th-century fortress-turned museum. There will likely be Bollywood stars in attendance; they may even perform. Summer wedding season may be over, but Priyanka Chopra still has another month to celebrate.

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